Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's really a shame how blogger has made my page look via mozilla, so with that being said were looking for a new home. Wordpress anyone?? It will takes week, to revamp the blog but its coming...

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De La Soul- La La La

Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally! A little treat for hip hop fans whom have been waiting for music to return to from the depths of auto-tune hell and everything else in between. Our Native Tongue Brothers from Strong Island return with a refreshing laid back track off EA Sport's NBA Live 2010 soundtrack. Hopefully, there will be more to come.
Quality Hip Hop!
Le' Dope!

De La Soul- La La La

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Kanye , 2 steps back(for now.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have to admit, I'm a Kanye Fan. I even spent over 300 or so dollars for a friend and I to enjoy some awesome seats at Kanye's massive Glow In The Dark Tour. Aside from the music, Kanye has always had a bad attitude about being snubbed at certain award shows. Now granted, some tirades were justified, some were just right down ridiculous, but last night's was just down right disgusting.

I could never understand how a 32 yr old man would think it was okay to rain on a 19 year old girls parade? Obviously, this was something big for her, considering how Country isn't on heavy rotation on MTV whatsoever. This was a moment for Taylor Swift to thank her tweens for helping her reach the top and crossover onto the mainstream and Ye' killed it for Ms. Swift.

Granted, Beyonce did have the better video of the two. Yet, Kanye needs to realize its the peoples choice and for christ sake its the MTV Music Awards. I wouldn't cry over a damn moon man, especially a category that I was not nominated for in award show. Now, I'm not sure if Kanye was expecting the backlash that he has received, but bad press is always good press. In a month or so all will be forgiven, but then again like Katy Perry tweet, "Its like you stepped on a Kitten".


(wow can you tell i haven't written in a minute, jesus.)

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New post this week..

Sunday, September 6, 2009


hey, sue me...its kinda of hard out there for a pimp to keep up with a blog all on my own homies,chill.

my apologies,


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W. Ellington Felton x Black Becky

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer is for lovers and so is The DMV, here's a little treat courtesy of Dub Ell featuring the lovely Yahzarah and N'Dambi. Enjoy!

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Man Down, Drake takes an L.

Friday, July 31, 2009

"Code ten, Man down"©Frankie. Word to Keyshia Cole's mother this was definitely a MAN DOWN situation. Just great, my first post back from the depths of Wonderland and I get stuck writing about Wheel Chair Jimmy isn't this something?
According to reports via Missinfo, Aubrey Graham aka Drake and Lil Wayne were on stage performing at the "Americas Most Wanted" show when Drake decided to pull a smooth 360 spin and further injure his tore acl.
As a former athlete it pretty much safe to say that this is probably the last time Drake

aka Wheels decides take on Michael Jackson spirit while on stage(no shots fired).
Well, Its going to be a painful journey to recovery. Get Well, and uhhh let's not try that again, Drizzy. Okay?.


update: The video! Drakles takes a tumble after a skip.


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The Feminist in me doesn't care.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So, i woke up this afternoon(yeah, thats right) to find the internet going NUTS over Drake's aka Wheelchair Jimmy's new video, "Best I Ever Had". I honestly thought all the hoopla was over the fact that the video has just been released, but it was because the video was nothing more than a 4 minute ad for Frederick's of Hollywood.
So, whats the big deal? Sex sells right? I've seen more breast out in the open when I took a trip to Miami about four years ago. I even have a pair of my own, so a music video isn't bound to piss me off.

I'm actually more upset at the women who are deciding to drop their loyalty towards Drake because of the video alone. I mean he isn't quit exactly Billy Graham, but then again who knows what he is doing behind closed doors. The guy has been singing about the best piece of vjay jay he has ever had for the last several months and now everyone wants to get upset because at least twenty pairs of breast were displayed in the video? HA!

Drake, with the help of Kanye who by the is the video's director were not the first to ever display large amounts of boobage on film and certainly won't be the last. I think just about every rap music video has, so he's doing nothing more than what hasn't been done before him. If anything he'll release a second version of the video not for the ladies though, but for BET. It's well known that BET will not allow that much skin to be shown on their channel, and the only way to clean up for the tweens watching 106 and park is to make a second edited video.

All this talk is hogwash, I've seen more breast in Jay-z "Big Pimpin" video.
I'm just sayin.....
-And I don't want to hear the excuse that it was Carnival. So, what a breast is breast.

They see you rollin, they hatinnnnnnnn...


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